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Floor Barre



A Yoga inspired high energy workout! This strengthening practice will build up a sweat with cardio bursts, muscle sculpting exercises all woven into a juicy Yoga flow!

The signature holistic fitness practice created by Letitia. This full body workout integrates Ballet & Contemporary dance training techniques, fluid movement flows combined with Yoga & Pilates. The ultimate practice for s strong, supple, highly functioning body!

We flow with breath and movement, delicious sequencing will transport you out of the external chaos and bring you back to YOU. Creating space in body and mind, providing clarity, improving mental focus, strength and flexibility!

The low impact, floor based practice every dancer uses to deeply strengthen the core, gluteals and hamstrings. Improving mobility and strength in the feet, spine and hips whilst stabilising the pelvis. We strengthen and tone and prevent the risk of injury!

Improve your flexibility and mobility with a deep stretch flow, we melt away tension in the muscles, lengthen and lubricate the joints so that you can find more freedom and ease in your movement!


Here at the Dynamic Body® Virtual Studio you can practice weekly Live Streamed classes, On-demand recordings and Pre-recorded Video Collections!


 There is SO much variety of class styles to suit your mood, need's and personal goals! 

Letitia will empower you to move towards the best version of you physically and mentally, you'll connect with a community of members and receive actual feedback in real time during live streamed practices!

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Meet the teacher...

Letitia Wilkinson

I'm Letitia, a professionally trained Contemporary Dancer, Tango Dancer, Yoga Teacher and founder of Dynamic Body® Holistic Fitness Practice. I believe movement is medicine and that is why so much of my work is so strongly influenced by my training as a professional dancer, I want everyone to feel completely in tune with their own bodies and move beyond limiting beliefs!


My mission is to empower people by helping them connect and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing through Authentic Movement, Body Conditioning and Yoga.


I help people build confidence and clarity in the mind so they can shine their light from the inside out!


We are on this journey together and I want everyone who practices with me to feel safe and secure so that you can step out of your comfort zones and keep growing towards your personal goals.


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