Dynamic Body®


"I am absolutely loving the online classes with Letitia! She gives amazing direction demonstrating throughout and has great knowledge and understanding of the body, it is such a good workout from home. Thank you so much!" Online Student

Dynamic Body®

The Signature Movement Method. A holistic movement practice designed to condition the body by drawing on techniques and principles from Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Yoga & Pilates. The classes are designed to strengthen, lengthen and increase body awareness and range of movement through the practice of mobility flows, body weight conditioning techniques and the exploration of alternative movement patterns to find a deeper understanding or our body in motion and increase movement possibilities.




A super fun, high energy yoga inspired workout, using free weights and body weight exercises to build muscle tone, strength and flexibility. With integrated cardio bursts to really get that fire going in the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised!

Dynamic Vinyasa

A dynamic Vinyasa Yoga flow connecting breath and movement to guide your moving meditation. This continuous flow will allow you to connect deeper to your body by understanding the mechanics of an efficient, light Yoga practice, how to work with your breath to calm the body and mind and to explore your Yoga practice on a deeper physical and philosophical level. (Some prior experience recommended)